Monday, December 29, 2014

Pamumuhay Na Walang Utang: Unang Hakbang Sa Pag-Invest

"Isang tulog na lang, Bagong Taon na naman... 2015!!!"
"Ano naman kaya ang pakulo ni Water Sprite upang mapanatili ang katangiang dyosa n'ya!? Hummmn, malalaman natin..."
Nakapagsimula nang mamuhunan si Water Sprite sa isang mutual fund, mag-iisang buwan na rin ang nakalipas. Ang mutual fund ay isang uri ng investment kung saan ang pera ng isang namumuhunan ay inilagak sa isang institusyon na nangangasiwa kung paano palaguin ang pondo o puhunan ng isang investor (namumuhunan), si Water Sprite halimbawa. Ang isang halimbawa naman ng institusyon na tagapangasiwa ay ang Philequity Fund, Inc. Ang institusyon, sa kabilang banda, ay tumatanggap ng iba pang mga investors na kagaya ni Water Sprite. Ang pondo (na tinatawag na pooled fund) ng isa at higit pang bilang ng mga namumuhunan ay siya namang gagamitin upang ang institusyon ay magawang palaguin ang pera ni Water Sprite at ng marami pang katulad niya. Ang isa sa maraming paraan upang mapalago ang pooled fund ay ang pagbili ng shares ng kumpanya na nabibilang sa PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange).

Friday, December 26, 2014

Paano Natin Hinuhubog Ang Ekonomiyang Pilipino Sa Pagdiriwang Ng Pasko?

Matinding traffic, mataong palengke, nagsisiksikang mga malls, mahabang pila sa gift wrapping counter, mga fully-booked na function halls, at pabalik-balik na mga batang nangangaroling. Ilan lang iyan sa mga larawan na nakapagsasabing nagiging stressful ang pagsapit ng kapaskuhan. Si Water Sprite, may dalawang magkasalungat na damdamin sa pagdiriwang ng Pasko: masaya at malungkot.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Greetings And The Seven Investments For Another Merry Christmas Next Year

It's Christmas Eve in just a couple of hours as of this writing. The Water Sprite, as she normally has been, has subjected herself to self-examination. There were so many things she had to be thankful for this year: good health, wonderful solid family, sweet loving future husband,  friendly co-workers, inspiring students, supportive neighbors and friends, and various mixtures/textures/colors of acquaintances both in real world and in the Net. She sent her radiating love from within, creating a pulsating waves of thoughts and prayers and loving feelings towards herself, as those energy flows out from her physical body, from her heart, from her mind, from every nerve ending points of her physical self... feelings of love and compassion to every corner of the room... directed towards the door, the window... directed towards the front, the back, the top, the bottom, the left, the right, to every infinite field of forces where such love and compassion traverse! And may YOU receive the this love, compassion, light and healing this Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Bachelor's Best Practices During Paydays

The Water Sprite was a bachelor. She had been a bachelor for more than four decades (as of this writing) though she was seeing herself as being a wife to a wonderful male alpha, who lived across 7 seas and 8 mountains; he is the Nordic Lapulapu! That's why before exiting her single life, she wanted to achieve the following best practices, during paydays, in order to take the path to financial freedom:

Monday, December 15, 2014

Philequity: First Investment Vehicle For A Working Pinay

It was almost end of the year so the black purse has became relatively "fat". Christmas atmosphere was everywhere, and as bazaars, also known as tiangge, or other night shops were enticing, the Water Sprite felt she needed to immediately settle her first investment fund before she gets tempted to buy some kikay, items to her self-indulgence purchased with carelessness. She was considering Philequity Fund, which was being managed by Philequity Management, Inc. (PEMI). The PEMI website worked good but she had to see if acquiring a PEMI product would hit all of the following 5 criteria she provided for herself:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

UITF Application: You Choose The Bank But Sometimes The Bank Wouldn't Choose You

If in case you receive money (other than your salary) in the range between PHP5,000 and PHP10,000, in such a way that (for example) you got commission, or gift, or retroactive pay, what would you do with that money? The Water Sprite suggests that you invest the money in any of these two: the UITF and the mutual fund. UITFs (Unit Investment Trust Fund) are offered by banks while mutual funds are offered by financial groups who caters mostly to investors and all they do is manage your fund. Some insurance firms, like Philam and Sunlife offer mutual funds.

Friday, December 12, 2014

What Drives This Working Pinay Into Investing?

A while back, and every time the Water Sprite hears of the word "investor", she immediately thought of someone who is a multimillionaire, most likely a foreigner who came to the country to establish a corporation. Could that be a Filipino, the investor must be "big" and often featured in society magazines. An investor then appeared to her to be intimidating because he or she belongs to the elite society. For someone who owns the local's most popular hardware store (for example), be it a Chinese, a Filipino-Chinese or a Filipino, she would refer to him as a "businessman". Moreover, she thought of "investments" by ordinary family to be comprising only of physical assets like land, jewelry, or building. As the Water Sprite was in her "midlife", things changed in her life and learned that it was possible for an ordinary employee to invest on something.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Working Pinay's Black Purse And Her Pursuit To Saving Money

Once upon a time, there was a cute Pinay Water Sprite who thought of placing a portion of her hard-earned money into her black purse. She refers to this part of her earnings as black purse entry. On her first attempt, she kept a small amount, as small as the cost of a bargain shoe  from the famous SM department store.  Well, that was PHP300, more or less. She did save by that manner every payday, which happens twice a month, and sometimes thrice a month. She opted to increase the amount of her 'black purse entry' whenever her net pay  feels comfortable but, on 'hard times' (which does not always happen), she reduces her savings to as low as PHP50 just to keep the habit of placing something there.