Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Greetings And The Seven Investments For Another Merry Christmas Next Year

It's Christmas Eve in just a couple of hours as of this writing. The Water Sprite, as she normally has been, has subjected herself to self-examination. There were so many things she had to be thankful for this year: good health, wonderful solid family, sweet loving future husband,  friendly co-workers, inspiring students, supportive neighbors and friends, and various mixtures/textures/colors of acquaintances both in real world and in the Net. She sent her radiating love from within, creating a pulsating waves of thoughts and prayers and loving feelings towards herself, as those energy flows out from her physical body, from her heart, from her mind, from every nerve ending points of her physical self... feelings of love and compassion to every corner of the room... directed towards the door, the window... directed towards the front, the back, the top, the bottom, the left, the right, to every infinite field of forces where such love and compassion traverse! And may YOU receive the this love, compassion, light and healing this Christmas!

Christmas Card as acknowledged [here]

The Water Sprite wanted to share the list of what to invest for another Merry Christmas next year. Here it goes:

Investment #1: Self-Improvement

The Water Sprite is a work in progress. She takes her path towards spiritual ascension but without being too in a hurry. She is bound to enjoy every moment of her life with moral autonomy. She takes time to assess where she has been in the aspect of emotional and physical being and identify strengths and weaknesses while sending back loving feelings from outside, from the universe to inside of her, to her core of being.

Investment #2: Relationships

Imagine the Water Sprite's chest of treasure. What do you think is inside of it? It contains beautiful relationships; no more, no less! Family, friends, and acquaintances were worth priceless and they deserve to stay in that chest of treasure. The Water Sprite may fail to spend "real" time in the physical world of relationships, but rest assured when you get together with her, she is focused on you and is being present.

Investment #3: Skills

The Water Sprite skills were diverse, from teaching to computer programming, from writing poems (and this blog) to bread-boarding IC's (integrated circuits) and LED's (light-emitting diodes), from cooking to gardening, and other little things too many to mention. She is open to enhance those skills as technology is continuously but fast emerging. She could also learn other new skills. She is very willing to be trained though she can learn new things all by herself. She is very resourceful.

Investment #4: Knowledge

Along with diverse skills, the Water Sprite had diverse interests. She could not gain Investment #3 without having knowledge of the area. Investing in knowledge was very important to her as this was the path to gaining her skills. As of this writing, she was determined to learn more about personal financial management and investment opportunities in the Philippines. There could also be other areas of knowledge she may consider investing but its details may not be appropriate for this page. She was so lucky the Net was able to provide information but she was considering to attend seminars.

Investment #5: Stocks, Mutual Fund, UITF and ETF

It would be important for the Water Sprite to gain assets and increase her money inflow. She would find her way to engage in the areas of investments, to swim into the ocean of gains and risks, and to being a relatively good mentor in this area.

Investment #6: Advocacy

What were the Water Sprite's causes? Could you guess? There were just a few: vegetarianism, minimal living, clean earth and sustainable living, alternative energy resources, alternative medicine, and organic farming. These became the reason behind her quality and way of life and could also be the reason why others fail to understand her sometimes.

Investment #7. Charity

This particular type of investment was still running on Water Sprite's mind. As of this writing, she still could not figure out what and how this could be implemented. However, she would try her very best to have a charitable work and this would be a great Christmas wish being granted next year!

How about you? I hope you have written your Christmas list for next year...

Merry Christmas and Mabuhay!!!

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