Friday, December 19, 2014

The Bachelor's Best Practices During Paydays

The Water Sprite was a bachelor. She had been a bachelor for more than four decades (as of this writing) though she was seeing herself as being a wife to a wonderful male alpha, who lived across 7 seas and 8 mountains; he is the Nordic Lapulapu! That's why before exiting her single life, she wanted to achieve the following best practices, during paydays, in order to take the path to financial freedom:

Best Practice #1: Leave

"Leave your payroll ATM card untouched."
The Water Sprite told herself. She would never rush to swiping such card on paydays. This would avoid taking the queue at the automated money dispensers but she would wait until the following day (or the next next day) to withdraw her next budget. Also, she would never withdraw money on a Monday but would wait further until the next day, on a Tuesday of course. It must have been due to some superstitious belief, but if one contests being the logical opposite, it would still be a wise decision to postpone cash outflows as much as possible because her goal really was to save money.

Best Practice #2: Count

"Count the remaining money in your (physical) wallet."
There was such beautiful reason to rejoice because she would discover that she have won the battle between thriftiness and the itch to buy junk stuff. This way, she would have another black purse entry. She would praise herself because it would make her different from anyone else who borrowed money so frequently in order to temporarily solve cash shortages. With few money being left before payday comes, it would mean she had managed her finances very well. No amount of money would buy the feelings of rejoicing and gratefulness!

Best Practice #3: Go home

"After office hours, go home."
While it was temping to join some "friends" at the bar especially on weekends, or to get curious about what's on sale in the mall, she would go straight back home from work. Yes, it could be lonely going home to a silent studio type dwelling place but she had learned to admit to herself that she became ahead of anyone else out there in terms of freedom as she was a legit single but wise. There's nothing better than the comfort of her sofa or a taste of a gourmet dish she once mastered to suit her discriminating palate.

Those three practices only, being the best. One might disagree for it was like, easier said than done but the challenge would have been outperformed with focus to believing in herself, plus the green arrow head road sign to "money working for you". Therefore, the best action words were:
"Leave. Count. Go home."

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