Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Working Pinay's Black Purse And Her Pursuit To Saving Money

Once upon a time, there was a cute Pinay Water Sprite who thought of placing a portion of her hard-earned money into her black purse. She refers to this part of her earnings as black purse entry. On her first attempt, she kept a small amount, as small as the cost of a bargain shoe  from the famous SM department store.  Well, that was PHP300, more or less. She did save by that manner every payday, which happens twice a month, and sometimes thrice a month. She opted to increase the amount of her 'black purse entry' whenever her net pay  feels comfortable but, on 'hard times' (which does not always happen), she reduces her savings to as low as PHP50 just to keep the habit of placing something there.

Save Before You Spend

She considered her black purse entry to be  a sort of spending, just like bringing herself to a famous fast food chain, such as Chowking, Tokyo Tokyo, or Goldilock's Bakeshop. She was determined to save regularly and never attempted to count the money inside that black purse, as if it does not exists. At about last quarter of the year though, she poke how much the black purse contained and realized it has grown into several thousand pesos which could be good enough to purchase one home appliance. It  was mixed feelings of surprise, happiness, and accomplishment for her.

She maintained the habit of placing a black purse entry every payday and decided to not revert from old ignorance (by not saving a thing). She was doing it for years since then. That's why she had incurred several accomplishments out of the money from the black purse each year. The down payment, for example, to her orthodontic braces which costs PHP10,000.

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Periodically Try Something New

The Pinay Water Sprite could not be at ease with what she has already developed within herself. She wanted changes, not because it was a hard time for her but, she simply aspired for something else. Would it mean taking some risks, she did not care. Thus, another attempt to financial endeavors were upon her way before year 2014 ends which would also be a good welcome to year 2015. One financial endeavor would be an investment in a  particular mutual fund product, preferably an equity type of mutual fund. She had enough knowledge of how mutual fund goes, felt comfortable opening an account, and determined to start soon. She would wait until her first investment is funded and then she would look up for more, (self) study more on Philippine stocks, and then acquire another investment, that is, buying shares of a good company through a reputable online broker.
The Pinay Water Sprite created this website to document her journey on investment opportunities, and to share experiences on effective money management. She would be posting more contents as she wished to meet and interact with people of like-mind.


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