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Simple Living Checklist For A Working Pinay: An Introduction

As the brand new year 2015 started, the Water Sprite prepared a checklist for simple living. She needed this because she was determined to invest in various programs to diversify her savings and allow her money grow. Although she has been living the simplest life possible since year 2001, she had to refer to a good article entitled "Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life". As anyone would say, simple living is such a relative situation as there were factors to consider and individual lives never became the same, as ever, with respect to another. In the case of Water Sprite, the following factors were considered in order for her to create an effective checklist:
  1. She has been living solo, no dependent children;
  2. She works from 8:00 A.M up to 5:00 P.M., from Monday to Saturday; and
  3. It's just an option to share her income with her parents because the parents receive a monthly pension and they have a very low cost of living in the province.
Moreover, there were several areas in ways of life that may tell she has lived the most frugal person in the planet. Consider the following:

  • She did not own a car which means she was not affected of budgeting on gas.
  • She did not subscribe to cable TV, magazines, or newspaper.
  • She subscribed to only one mobile network, a prepaid one but rarely use it.
  • She was not a smoker.
  • She got minimal junk food consumption but when she had any, she immediately felt guilty about it.
  • She got minimal media consumption. She rarely watched television. She watched TV only on times of calamity to monitor its main story. 
  • She never hired a maid nor any house helper.
  • She did not own an air conditioning unit.
Initially, the Water Sprite had about 10 checklist items but as the article writing started, it has grown into more than that, so it was divided into 5 parts as identified below:
Part 1: On Commuting, Running Errands and Out Of Town Travel
Part 2: On Meals and Cooking
Part 3: On Grooming and Taking Care of the Body
Part 4: On Water and Electric Power Consumption
Part 5: On Shopping and Eliminating Clutter
The given five parts of Simple Living Checklist will come as five different posts in the coming days which makes this a series of several related topics as a key to effectively save money which then would result to possible participation to investing in the country.

photo: Windmill as acknowledged [here

In drawing these checklists, the Water Sprite adhered to 6 principles that defined the footprints she has left on the ground but continuously being practiced in hoping that she could be a better influence to others:

Principle #1: Health is wealth

The Water Sprite tried to obtain a goddess quality by being health conscious as good health is followed by highly energetic body which is then followed by high productivity at work.

Principle #2: Prevention is better than cure

In connection with principle #1, staying healthy thru proper diet, exercise, quality sleep and positive mindset results to rarity of getting sick which means less visits to doctor which then also means less or never having the need to buy medicines. The Water Sprite belonged to goddess circle by way of living a holistic lifestyle.

Prevention could further be applied in Water Sprite's shelter area be it at home or at work. One example is proper storage of sharped metal objects like knives of different sizes. She had to ensure that its edges and pointed parts remained unexposed in order to prevent future accidents.

Principle #3: Cleanliness is peacefulness

Cleanliness is peacefulness and is heavenly. This also must include orderliness. In this area, the Water Sprite, admittedly, was flawed as she was never an obsessive compulsive. However, she never left trashes anywhere but she always reused (or recycled) materials which other people considered trash.

Principle #4: Less is more

Less is more means less ownerships, less hours involved to manage things, less effort exerted on relationships but more space, more time for relaxation, more freedom, and more room for growth, among others.

Principle #5: Consume but sustain

It has been a global cry that the earth has already been deteriorated which has been manifested by the thinning ozone layer and rapidly melting polar regions. Some activists say the culprit was too much consumption of petroleum products. This dilemma was followed by near end to earth's supply of coal minerals. On that issue, the Water Sprite was uncertain of the truth behind this scare. However, her thoughts were directed towards support on developing and using alternative energy resources such as solar power system, windmills, geothermal electric power as well as hydro-electric technologies.

Principle #6: Green earth means better future

As folk tales were being told to circa 1975 kids of Philippine villages, fairies abound on earth and so green earth has been their playground. The Water Sprite, being avid follower of other worldly creatures wished a green earth for everyone and for all generations to come. She wished that fairies and goddesses remain pleased and comfortable in harboring their chosen green land. She hoped that kids in the cities would have vast greener fields and forest mountains to climb. These could be achieved by discouraging mining activities, proper monitoring of timber lands and forests, penalizing illegal loggers, as well as eliminating rather than controlling the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Thus, the Water Sprite is a lover of organic produce. Green earth movement also covers care for bodies of water and ought to be given careful attention as well.

With proper implementation of the above given principles, lives would become simpler and so people would have lesser expenses; with respect to Water Sprite's points of view.

To end this page, the Water Sprite left you the following question:

What type of consumer are you? A shop till you drop consumer? Always present in bargain shops? Or do you plan your shopping ahead?

The Water Sprite wants to hear from you!


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