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Simple Living Checklist For A Working Pinay: On Grooming And Taking Care Of The Body

Do you live in a world where, most often than not, standards are built according to which popular trends you follow while at the same time they analyze your possessions and you feel like you need to compete to get to higher social status? Do you also allow others to define you, and that without you knowing, you are blindly controlled by them? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then you are not living the simple life the Water Sprite pointed out in this site.

This article is the third series to simple living checklist according to how the Water Sprite may enjoy life without compromise to staying healthy and at peace while moving forward. The first part was about saving money on commuting in most places in the Philippines, and the second one on cooking and enjoying good meals. Notice that the following checklist starts with number 18 because check items from 1 to 17 were already identified in the previous two issues of this series.

The Water Sprite took a different path to living a life which really means living as it means spending less, reaching her goal to financial freedom and time freedom, but staying confident and looking good.

Simple Living Check #18: Using only organically produced toilet and bath products

The Water Sprite only buys anything holistic with regards to health and hygiene. While it seems like very few shops offer real organic ingredients contained in bottles of body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, and lotion (these appear to be expensive sometimes), she was convinced that this type of toilet and bath products results to great savings for herself in the long run. This way, there was no need to run to salons for hair rebond services nor going to clinics for skin treatments. Toilet and bath products free from harsh chemicals, perfumes, and other synthetic elements left her body free from allergens and possible toxins, and thus lowering the risk of cancer disease. These never leave residue to skin and scalp, which clogs pores.

It has been a while since she picked brands like Human Heart Nature, All Organics, The Body Shop, and Body Recipe. As for the last brand mentioned, the HBC ( stores sell it. Hell no, they did not pay us to advertise their business here but doesn't the Water Sprite deserve complimentary products (*laughs)?

Simple Living Check #19: Using only mineral makeup products

Occasionally, the Water Sprite puts on makeup but she was very selective about it. She has discovered that mineral makeup is safe, and skin friendly, just like toilet and bath products mentioned above. Likewise, mineral makeups had no perfumes and allergens while wearing it boosts confidence coupled with guilt-free feelings. The Water Sprite's line of makeup were of Ellana and Milea brands (again, complimentary product please!). Human Heart Nature (HHN) sells makeups too, but the Water Sprite has not tried it yet. She trusts HHN and would not have second thoughts in buying from them.

Prevention, from being too exposed to harmful chemicals, has brought the Water Sprite into having less expenses. She did not need to ask medical practitioner's advise on facial treatments and that also means she did not need to subscribe to any commercially endorsed anti-aging creams. She knew she was less vain but she could not afford to not take care of her body very well while considering to spend money wisely. Mineral makeup was a better alternative.

Simple Living Check #20: Sourcing from kitchen those ingredients for hair treatment, body scrub, and skin moisturizer 

Photo: Kalamansi [thanks]
Frugality does not mean the Water Sprite did not have the luxury of spa. With enough knowledge and strong conviction that not only nature heals but pampers her, she simply looked around and voila! Oatmeal for hair spa; evaporated milk with kalamansi to exfoliate skin; and fresh aloe vera, all over her body after bath. These were just few examples or details and procedures for this type of treatment could be written for this site later on.

Simple Living Check #21: Maintaining short hair

Short hair cut was one key to simple living in Water Sprite's life. Though it seemed like she often needed to go to salon for hair trimming and could mean frequent spending for a hair professional but, there was less expense on shampoo and conditioner for the daily wash. With short hair, it meant less time to fix it and easy to protect when out in the sun.

Simple Living Check #22: Mastering the skill of self-manicure and self-pedicure

Yes of course, the Water Sprite goes to salon; but not for her finger nails nor toe nails. The salon was meant only for her hair (just to cut it and threading of eyebrows) so the beauty business would not earn much from her. Sorry guys, it is safe to stay frugal!

She may not have the luxury of time to attend to her own nail works but when willing, she could do basic push, cuticle trim, and would end up with colored shiny nails without spending for service fee. Then she avoided herself from exposing to bacteria thriving on salon tools, eeek!

Simple Living Check #23: Subscribing only to classical but basic style of clothing

The Water Sprite was quite stylish when occasion calls for it. Being in style did not mean she spent too much on it. The idea was to choose an archetype and believe in it. Having just one style archetype also meant her closet only contains few clothing.

She chose classical style of clothing because she did not want to follow recent trends and be a fashion victim. Timelessness was the key. She did not need to buy clothes very often. The basic set she referred to includes jeans, collared shirts, trousers for work, skirts, blouses, dresses and sweaters.

Simple Living Check #24: Keeping mostly basic colors of clothing 

Along with classical style in apparel, it was important to select mostly basic colors. The Water Sprite chose reds, greens, & blues (RGB), and few pastel colors. Her RGB colors were in darker shades though but she also kept blacks and whites. At times, she could wear loud colors to project a different mood but whites were fun too, and the trick was to wear a thing that contrasts whites; like shoes that says "hey, look at me!" which never really meant to be expensive. She was able to mix and match her sets of clothing, shoes, and little accessories as she felt good about it.

You Can Be Goddess Too

So the Water Sprite is not advocating for an ascetic life style here but if you were delighted about how smart she was on buying and using products for personal grooming and dressing, you probably have chosen the goddess way of living! Being chained to keeping up with the current styles is very expensive. By shopping smart and building a wardrobe, with a foundation of classic clothing that stay in style longer, you can afford to splurge on the occasional stylish piece or jewelry accessory when the time comes. For makeup and toiletries, going natural and organic is the smarter way to go, you limit the exposure of harsh and harmful chemicals to yourself. Look for shops as well or crafters who make these products themselves and support the local producer as well!

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She Does It And Looks Forward To Greater Days Ahead

By shopping smart and saving money where the Water Sprite can, she can plan for the future better and save for that fantastic holiday or that rainy day. Style comes from within herself and not from conforming to some outside definition as to what beauty is.


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