Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: WUW Series #1

Ok, it's the middle of the week and the Water Sprite wished to launch a series called What's Up Wedenesday (WUW), so here's what's going on:
  1. Familiarized and still learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and practically applying it.
  2. Familiarized and still learning about how to monetize this site.
  3. Updated About page, attached the author's ID picture to signify credibility of this site.
  4. Updated About page, added statement of Terms and Conditions of Use.
  5. Added an Attribution page.
  6. Searched and signed up on reputable social media networks for bloggers.
  7. Building concepts and procedures on maintaining the Marketplace section of this site.
  8. Contacting some friends who may possibly claim a portion of space of the Marketplace.
  9. Preparing price list for ad placement as allocated at the side bar and footer areas.
  10. A new article is ongoing: Simple Living Checklist On Meals and Cooking.
Meanwhile, the Water Sprite is happy to know that the readers of this blog is increasing and thus its page views turned into more than 1,800 since its first publication last month. Yay! Thank you!

Hope you have visited any other pages in this site and article archives written for the Water Sprite.


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