Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: WUW Series #2

Yup, it's Wednesday once again and welcome to WUW (What's Up Wednesday) series!

Every WUW issue gives you little updates on what's going on behind blogging that could surely give you excitement on what to expect soon:

  • The beautiful WUW icon was made by Bruce Bodo, the site's logo artist, graphic source (occasionally), English consultant, and the President of The Lamp Shop in Troy.
  • Another series will be launched soon, temporarily named "Nag-iimpok Ang Pinoy" which aims to feature one Filipino investor. We are lucky to have found the first guy. Interview was done but article is just in the composition phase.
  • The Krystinized Jewels will be the first occupant of our Marketplace page. Some photos were submitted but are still subjected to photo editing.
  • A new article is ongoing: Simple Living Checklist On Grooming And Taking Care Of The Body.
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Then together let's live the enlightened, loving, and comfortable life.

Thank you for coming, and coming back again!


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