Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How the Law of Attraction Drives This Working Pinay Into Sharing Stories of Investing

A while back, and a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, the Water Sprite was very busy attending to her responsibilities as a full time employee, which means "wearing the hat she always wear". There were paper works she needed to accomplish, and because sometimes she couldn't act like the "goddess" she ought to at work, the effect of procrastination and time mismanagement got in her way as she was cramming, grasping the last minute syndrome to meet the deadline. That is why there was a relatively long silence here at the CPGI (Cute Pinay Goes Investing) blog during that period. Then both pessimism and doubt tried to lodge on her head too; on how to pursue the CPGI brand and acquire more popularity of this blog site, after being in the cyber space for about 3 months already.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maalam Sa Pera Ang Pinoy (Kilalanin ang Isang Engineer na Nagsimulang Mag-invest sa Edad na 24)

Ano ba ang larawan ng pangkalahatang pamilyang Pilipino? Ito ba ay larawan ng pagdarahop at kakaunting options sa buhay? Napapansin mo ba na iilan lamang ang masasabing nakakaalwan na para bang hindi patas ang tadhana na isinilang kang pangkaraniwang Pinoy lamang? At bakit ka kaya napadaan dito sa site na Cute Pinay Goes Investing? Malamang ay tulad ni Water Sprite, isa ka rin sa mga ordinaryong Pinay (o Pinoy) na kailangan munang magtrabaho para mabuhay... subalit nakakasilip ng liwanag at sa di kalaunan, matatamo n'ya rin ang buhay na maalwan, ganap, at malaya.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day!! And Investing?

Hello all. I am not the Cute Pinay, she asked me to do a guest post for her because she is very busy right now and my subject is Valentine's Day and Investing. My first reaction to my assignment was WTF? What does Valentine's Day have to do with investing, but with much thought and remembering posts here on other subjects that the Cute Pinay has discussed here like water usage and transportation I have come up with a few thoughts on money and Valentine's Day and saving money.