Saturday, July 21, 2018

Dropping Curtain For Cute Pinay Goes Investing

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I just gave it some thought for a while, and this is to give an end to Pinay Water Sprite and its journal called Cute Pinay Goes Investing. It's tough to keep the site going after it has gone "asleep" for about 3 years. A while back, I brought the idea of creating the Water Sprite character because I wanted to write my financial management experience expressed in third person as I was not sure if it's alright to talk about personal money and investment in this medium called the Net.

It was fun because I was sort of an author to a fictional character tho the fiction element was as just my own pseudonym. That was my side of being a creative writer, so it seems. 

I thought it's time to stop hiding behind the pseudonym. I wanted to write again and I've got this site re-branded. This blog is now known as the Rascal Investor. The Rascal Investor is me. As before, the Rascal Investor is a student and a teacher at the same time. Money management and investing is a life time journey, just like how one's journey to Spirituality is. From now on, I would carry the Rascal Investor brand with the same mission and vision of the old site called Cute Pinay Goes Investing. Pinay Water Sprite (investor) and the Cute Pinay Goes Investing (blog title) were just 2 old names that are essentially put to archive to give way to the Rascal Investor's contents and personality.

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